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MOYA Classic Herbal Bath Oil

The Fragrance Legend of MOYA

Moya Home Spa takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life style to enjoy life at home.

Let warm bubbly water caress you while your body absorb nature’s pure herbal aromas, transporting you to a feeling of new-born freshness & comfort.

The quality and herbal product for bathing, imported from Germany

Produced by Grand Sun Enterprise Co.,Ltd


Rosemary Bath oil---improve blood circulation, metabolism

Effects of the essential oil: Stimulating and activating, bactericidal, circulation Enhancing, antiseptic, improves memory.

Rosemary is an energizing symbol for Europeans. It also helps relieve sorrow. A rosemary bath in the morning will revive the bodily functions, making one ready for a busy day. For best results, a slightly higher water temperature is recommended.

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